NewsApril 7 Worship

Our Seeker’s Class will be crafting and providing a special worship service on April 7. The class has been tending to and deepening their faith life this Lent and has a keener sense than usual of how complex and miraculous our faith journeys are. Come hear stories from several of our members as they express their connection to the Divine and share about where they are on their faith journey. It is a blessing and always feels like holy ground when we experience one another’s expressions of faith. Please plan to be present in person or online, and enjoy this special worship service!

A home communion table includes bread and orange juice, plus a cup of water for the baptism renewalThis worship will also include the opportunity to engage in the two sacraments that the UCC affirms: baptism and communion. Pastor Lacey will lead us in a renewal of our baptismal vows and we will gather for The Lord’s Supper.  Those who are worshiping online may gather a cup of water (for the baptism renewal) and something to eat and drink (for communion).

For more information on worship with CUCC or the Seekers Class, contact Rev. Śānti Matthews