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We’ve become used to thinking about the pandemic as a public health crisis, which it is, of course.  We’ve built new habits to keep one another safe – habits we are now free to change when our vaccination is complete.

Our June 1 Life & Faith conversation will explore the ways in which each of us is choosing to unwind those habits and we’ll bring a faith lens to the conversation.  Think about your core faith values – maybe loving God/others/self, or serving those who are the most vulnerable, or not putting a stumbling block in the way of those whose faith is tenderest?  How are your faith values informing your day-to-day pandemic decisions?  What role is fear playing in your decisions?  Freedom? Alliances? Abundance?

Let’s spend an hour listening to one another in a safe place where questions are welcome and insights surprise.

Life & Faith

Tuesday, June 1, 7-8PM

On Zoom

The Zoom link will be in the Saturday Zoom email, or you can contact Jane Smith (convener) at