NewsNew leaf guard gutters will protect our roof and soffits while keeping our members safe.

Due to several generous donors, our facility and grounds are getting some upgrades.

Last week, LeafGuard gutters were installed on either side of the Bradow/Hoffmann wing. These gutters had to be cleaned twice a year to remove buckets of pine needles, putting volunteers at risk as they worked at the top of a ladder. All but $250 of the $2,300 cost was covered by donors.

In the coming weeks, the baptismal font’s damaged veneer will be replaced and a new energy-efficient, ADA-compliant drinking fountain will be installed. The high/low unit also includes a bottle filler. Both of these upgrades are covered by donations, allowing CUCC to make improvements that were far beyond the Property Ministry’s budget.

If you enjoy tinkering and small repairs, contact Merrilee Jacobson, chair of the Property Ministry.  Merrilee often has small jobs from painting a bit of trim to washing a window to repairing a toilet stop that you could do on when it is convenient for you.