Join in this intergenerational weekend of rest, renewal, learning and fun!

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VBS Schedule

August 4, 6-8PM on campus

Potato Bar Supper

Guided Meditation, Songs, Games, and Scripture Exploration

August 5, 10AM-Noon on campus and some online

Workshops in the Spiritual Practices of Meditation*, Poetry*, Music, and Prayer Beads

*Hybrid:  Mediation at 10:15 and Poetry Writing at 11:15

August 6, 10:30AM-1PM on campus

Rest into our Intergenerational VBS Worship

Followed by Pizza Lunch with Potluck Sides (Salads, etc.)

Ice cream and popsicles will be served each day.

Scripture tells us that “God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that God had done in creation.” Genesis 2:3What does it mean to rest with God? Does worship, prayer, singing, art, poetry or meditation provide a way?

What does it mean for God to rest? Maybe on the seventh day, God sat down with a giant bowl of ice cream and just enjoyed it.

What do you find restful? Do you enjoy ice cream, a nap, reading, or watching a movie?

What does the CUCC community look like when it’s resting? Come find out August 4-6!

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For more information, contact Pastor Śānti Matthews at