Check out the partial list of 75+ items, events and services donated for bidding at the auction!

Look for more detailed descriptions, including minimum bids, to be published right after Easter here

Disappointed you are already busy April 23?  You can bid by proxy.  Get your proxy form here.

Childcare will be provided  – no need to RSVP.

Go to our One-stop Auction Info page for all the scoop on the CUCC Better Than Average Auction.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the items up for auction (as of April 11).


Some of the events up for bid at the auctionHere’s a glimpse at some other “items” available at the auction. These items are actually events. CUCCers have crafted some fun, informative, invigorating and/or relaxing activities, meals and social events. When the auction booklet is published after Easter, you will see more details like how many people are invited to “win” each event, who is offering the event and what the minimum bid will be. Some will be in the silent auction and some in the live auction. For now, we hope you will peruse these excellent donations that certainly help build community as well as contribute to the auction’s fundraising success. Check out your own calendar for the next twelve months and be ready to bid on a spot at some of the hosted events. Perhaps you’d also like to win an entire event of your own!

Thanks to everyone who donated! We’re off to a great start for this year’s Better Than Average Auction at CUCC since there is clearly something for everyone.

If you have updates on your donation, please contact Susan Atkinson at

Questions?  Contact Susan Atkinson or any member of the CUCC Family Fun Auction team.