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You may read the 2-page summary of our shared vision (draft) that we discussed on May 13 and 24 (here) and the compilation of survey responses and meeting comments  (here).

On Saturday, May 13, a full Vaughan Fellowship Hall of CUCCers heard from visioning Dream Team members Richard Nicholl and Fawn Pattison who introduced a draft summary of all of our input.  On May 24, a second group gathered on Zoom.  Consultant Heather Yandow had assembled comments from 52 survey responses and multiple gatherings (children, youth & their families, retirees, an on-Zoom gathering, and one in the fellowship hall).  Comments were collected into four visioning themes and each had possible ways we might live into those visions.  After the Dream Team’s presentation, Heather led us through an exercise which gave us an opportunity to gather around tables to talk about three questions for each vision theme:

  • What do you like about the vision theme?
  • How might we live into that vision?
  • What questions do you have?