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The leaders of CUCC’s ministries, committees, and task forces are submitting their nominations for 2024.  Names have been submitted for 42% of the positions as of November 12.

Drawing of a stick person at a computer surrounded by other stick peopleHas your name been submitted?  Check the “2024 Nominations Table” to find out here.

The “2024 Nominations Table” (a document) is the “live” version listing who has volunteered so far for each ministry, committee and task force.  It includes the entries to date, so the 42% number given above will be higher due to new entries.  Check for your name here        (If you do not use a Gmail account to log into the linked Google-Drive, you will have to do use the ”static” version; see this article that explains how to find the static copy on Breeze.)

Why do I need to check the list?

This year there were no automatic roll forwards, so leaders have to contact you, confirm and enter your name.

How can I request to be part of a ministry, committee or task force?

Leaders have the link to the live copy of the Table to enter your name.  Contact the 2023 leader of the group whose work interests you.

A note to leaders:  If you are having trouble accessing the live copy to enter the name yourself, use the “static” copy found in a Breeze folder and contact the Nominating Committee to enter the names for you. (See this article in the Newsletter that explains how to find the static copy on Breeze.)

A stick person uses a magnifying glass to select one of several paths of opportunityVolunteering at CUCC is exciting, fulfilling and effective.

To learn more about what each ministry does…

  • Read the descriptions in the “Information on CUCC Ministries & Task Forces.” Look at all this Information to get a sense the many exciting, fulfilling and effective things that are going on at CUCC. It is astonishing. As I tell friends, CUCC ‘punches above it’ weight” (a boxing aphorism).  Re-discover your calling and/or find new ones. Follow your bliss.

A group of stick people use a magnifying glass to find the right personWhat else is the Nominating Committee doing to support CUCC’s Vision?

We will be studying the description of the Welcoming and Fellowship Ministry, comparing the description in the ByLaws with on our people’s actual experience with the response of the congregation in supporting previous fellowship and welcoming events, encounters and education. This effort, if fruitful, will be offered to the Council to aid in their deliberations on how to implement the third major action item in the Vision Report.

Meanwhile we will continue to look for a chair of the Welcoming  & Fellowship Ministry. Being that Chair can be one of the coolest and most rewarding positions at CUCC due to all the help you get, the actual experience of welcoming people and enabling fellowship, and the impact on people’s lives,


Bill Gretsch, Amanda Jost, & Marty Lamb