NewsLife & Faith at Transfer Co. Food Hall on first Tuesdays

As always, if you have a question for us to discuss – some place where your faith is colliding with your day to day life – bring it!  If no one has a topic to suggest, Jane Smith proposes this topic:  Let’s tell stories of waiting.  In life there are times of activity and purpose, and other times when the focus is waiting to see what to do next.  We may wait for a college or job acceptance, a diagnosis or healing, a birth or death, clarity about where to put our energy, or whether to move.  What have you learned about how to be faithful in times of waiting?

The weather prediction for Tuesday, October 3, is 80 and sunny, so let’s meet on the patio at Transfer Co. Food Hall.

What is Life & Faith?

Ever wonder how others navigate the day-to-day of following Jesus?  Where does your life intersect with your faith?

Life & Faith is a monthly opportunity to have those conversations over a glass of your favorite refreshment.  We bring our questions and our stories, getting ideas from each other.  Jane Smith, the convener, brings a back up question if needed to get us started.

We gather at Transfer Co. Food Hall.   When the weather is too hot/cold or wet, we meet inside in the sunken section of the main floor.  If the weather is NC balmy, we’ll sit on the patio. Those who want dinner or a beverage should arrive at 6:30 to buy your own.  Conversation runs 7-8PM.  You’ll find us at the table with our Life & Faith comma.  Friends are welcome!

We have two guidelines – What is said at Life & Faith stays there AND we tip generously.

If you would like to receive the email reminder with the back up question and confirmation of our location, contact Jane Smith at