Passing the Carbon Covenant for Our Buildings was the first step on a new journey for CUCC.  Here are things you can do now to help us reach our target greenhouse gas reductions.

What each of us can do now    (printable copy of 5 things each of us can do now, with everything you need to write to Lynn Good of Duke Energy)

  • Write a personalized letter.  CUCC’s buildings can reach zero carbon only if Duke Energy’s electricity goes to zero carbon.  Tell them why you care.  Find ideas for your letter and the address for Lynn Good, Board Chair and CEO of Duke Energy, here.   What each of us can do now
  • Turn off the lights.  Are you among the last to leave our buildings?  Stroll the halls, turn off all of the lights (including the bathrooms), except those with security labels.
  • Tend the thermostats.  Follow the instructions to set the thermostat to the temperature you need.  Overshooting doesn’t go faster and does waste energy.  When you leave, reset!
  • Doors or HVAC.  For small meetings, choose whether to open the windows and doors or adjust the thermostat.
  • Choose to Zoom.  When it is important to be in person, by all means, do!  but if your group can do what you need to do on Zoom, you’ll save heating, AC, and lights (not to mention gasoline).

"With humility and in hope, we seek God's help and entrust ourselves to God's mercy as we plan and implement actions to fulfill this covenant."If you have questions, contact Jane Smith of the Carbon Covenant for Our Buildings working group.