NewsRev. Fernand Mahunga Milandu

The Milandu family has changed the location for the celebration of life and repass.  It is now in Apex.


We learned recently of the death of our friend and former CUCC member, Rev. Mahungu Fernand Milandu.

Fernand was one of the early group of refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo to become part of CUCC.  He and his wife Lina and their children were an active part of CUCC’s life.  At the same time Fernand was a leader in the KCC congregation which meets on our campus, serving as an Apostle of this denomination which is based in the DRC.

Messages of condolence can be sent to Lina on her Facebook page or through Messenger.  Search for Keto Mbombolo Lina Milandu (Ya Lina).  The viewing is being planned by the family for May 19 and the memorial service for May 20.  Jane Smith plans to attend to celebration of life (10-1) and has 3 seats in her car if you would like a ride.

Details for celebration of life weekend for Mahunga Fernand Milandu