NewsYouth in the courtyard in costume for the Christmas pageant

Guess what? A series of miracles happened and we still get to enjoy our treasured tradition of a CUCC Christmas pageant this year, but in a special new way! And YOU get to join in the fun!

Come to worship on December 13, ready to enjoy a new version of the Christmas Story

Everyone is invited to wear a costume (come as one of the Holy Family, an angel, innkeeper, shepherd, sheep, cow, camel, sloth, owl, wise person, or lobster) and be ready to introduce yourself and your character during our Children’s Message.

Then as the video recording of the youth led pageant rolls, join in from home in whatever way you want.

Contact Śānti Matthews with any questions you have at

A big giant thank you goes out especially to Josephine Thomas, Chelsea Huber, Carson Roach-Howell, Heather Burkhardt, and the 17 youth who made our pageant filming day a miraculous success! Another extra thank you goes out to Chelsea for all the post production and editing work she did on the video.