The Wednesday Crafters invites you to join them for an hour of creativity.  At your request they have changed their second monthly gathering to the afternoon so more people can attend.  The new schedule is

First Wednesdays at 10 AM

Third Wednesdays at 2 PM.

blanketWe gather twice a month in the Bridge Room.  Coordinator Pat Hasbrouck writes: “We are excited to give an opportunity to others to enjoy this crafting ministry as much as we few are already doing so.”  Most of us are working the two projects described below, but you are welcome to bring a project you are working on for yourself and enjoy the pleasant hour of conversation.

Project 1:  For yarn workers – blankets for the Transition Care Hospice House.  Talk to Pat Hasbrouck about requirements for the blankets.

Project 2:  For crafters – items for the Fall Auction.  Talk to Susan Atkinson about your idea for an item for the auction.

Reach out to Pat Hasbrouck with any questions about this new CUCC ministry.