Accessible to AllNewsAccessible to All means Educating Us All: Accessible toilets

A big thank you to Lisa Allison-Moon who installed two lovely toilets in the VFH restrooms last week! The old ones were 15.5” high (at the top of the seat) and the new ones are 17.5” high. You wouldn’t think those two inches make a big difference, but they do. Plus the toilets look SO much better than the old (1977?) ones.

Lisa poses with the 2 new accessible toilets she will install in the fellowship hall bathrooms. The inset shows one of the toilets in place.If you would like to be part of CUCC’s Accessible to All (A2A) work, we welcome your ideas and energy.  We are soon refocusing on our energy on the education phase of our work, so if you like learning and sharing information, this phase is for you!  Contact Beth Allison-Moon to find out what is going on next.