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If you are like me, you spend hours of each day trying to fix things for yourself or other people.  Right now I’m trying to figure out how to “fix” my pandemic weight gain while at the same time trying to “fix” greenhouse gas emissions, racial injustice, and the church’s historical record filing system.

Jesus seems to be doing something compellingly different.  He is looking at the same mess we see, but his lens is focusing  differently.  That change in focus opens up creating opportunities that seem less about fixing and more about naming into being what is already latent within and among us.

What if, instead of trying to fix what is broken, we practice refocusing and co-creating with God?

At Life & Faith, let’s practice refocusing and co-creating together.   Tell a story of a time someone summoned from you a bit of the wholeness that was already there.  Is there a time when you suddenly saw a person or a situation differently and that allowed you to nurture into being more justice, healing, hope or love?  Jesus used lots of stories and metaphors to describe the kin[g]dom of God he could already see; describe imaginatively for us one of your “messes” as it already is/will be in God’s kin[g]dom.

Life & Faith will meet on Zoom August 2 at 7PM.  Anyone from or beyond CUCC who thinks this sounds intriguing is welcome.  Contact Jane Smith at or check the Monday Online Events email for the Zoom link.  Whatever is said at Life & Faith, stays with those gathered.