NewsWhat would you add to the Sacred Box of Big Questions?

During the sermon on Sunday, Pastor Lacey asked:

“Sometimes I feel like I’m totally in the dark, stumbling around, trying to make sense of God and life. I appreciate that we are a community of faith that’s comfortable with theological questions. Śānti told me that during Confirmation with the youth, they had a sacred box of big questions. Students would contribute to the box and every time they met, they would pull one of the questions out and discuss it together. Many of you have a deep sense of faith, yet there are things within your heart that remain unresolved. I respect that very much.  I am going to pause for a moment and let you think about your sacred box of big questions. What would you ask Jesus if you had the chance?”

Here are some of your Big Questions from the worship Chat.

I’d ask for a hug.
What is the meaning of “eternal life”?
Why is evil allowed?
Is Jesus really the son of god?
With the big emphasis on belief, how do you make yourself believe?
Are you the one foretold?
Why did God create kudzu?
Will this unfolding revelation of the dark side of human nature end up with good news?
What would Jesus say about other religions?
Can you really listen to us and tell us things now?
Can we ever live in the Kingdom of God?
How do we forgive people we don’t want to forgive?
Why did you have to suffer to save us? How did that work?
Help me reconcile the “end times”?
What would Jesus say about people who call themselves Christians and oppose his teachings?


A Note from Jane:   If you asked your question by chatting directly to Lacey, I couldn’t capture it.