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Merrilee Jacobson writes, “I finally subscribed to the SOC newsletter and have found it helpful in getting a sense of the larger church. I’d like to encourage others to subscribe as a part of our visioning goal to be better connected to our denomination.”

Everyone is invited and welcome to receive the Southern Conference e-News. This is a great way to learn about our sister congregations and emerging initiatives in our area.  Each edition has a few short articles of local happenings, a calendar of upcoming retreats, webinars, and meetings in the Southern Conference, and news of ordinations, new church starts, and retirements or deaths of clergy.   The newsletter is free.

To add your name, send an e-mail to the newsletter editor:  Please include 1) name, 2) e-mail address, 3) church or other affiliation, and 4) role in church, agency, etc. (i.e. council president). The #4 category is optional.

Thank you, Merrilee, for the suggestion.

-submitted by Jane Smith, Co-chair Communications Committee,