NewsAn EV charging station sign

I know many folks are concerned about the mess, trenches, etc. in the parking lot and sidewalk where the EV charging station is being installed. I want you to know that I’m very unhappy about it myself. Here’s what’s going on.

The electrical contractor that we hired submitted for a permit. I was pushing him to start work, and assuming the permit would be issued soon, he began running conduit inside and we cut the concrete to allow him to run the underground conduit. When a group of us were preparing to come do the concrete work I found out the permit hadn’t been issued yet. To find out what was holding up the permit, he met with the City and was informed that he’d have to submit an electrical drawing, something neither he nor I expected to be required for something as minimal as installing the charging station. We are grateful to HagerSmith and BNK for providing the electrical drawing pro bono. The electrical engineer’s drawing was sent to the electrician last week and has been submitted to the city.

Once the permit is issued and the conduit inspected, I believe we can get the trenches filled and concrete poured in two weeks, and the charging station installed in a month. The unknown is the City.  I hope that they will move quickly since we’ve been working on this so long.

Jim Smith, project lead for CUCC’s EV charging station