NewsWhen God is a Child

This Advent season we are going to lean into our child-like selves in welcoming all that the season brings with curiosity, wonder, courage, imagination, hope, and playfulness. We have children in our congregation who can lead us in this exploration. There are spiritual lessons to be learned when we start to welcome the world, and one another, as open-hearted children. It gives new meaning to the idea that we are all beloved children of God.

Advent includes the four Sundays before Christmas. Each Sunday has a theme: hope, peace, joy and love. We light candles to remind us that through Jesus Christ, the light of the world, our expectations are realized. Jesus is the embodiment of hope, peace, joy and love.

Advent is typically seen as a time of preparation and waiting. As Christians we are living in an in-between state. We have already received God’s great revelation in Jesus Christ; however, we are waiting on God to bring hope, peace, joy and love to fulfillment. We hope you will join us for Advent worship as we explore the scriptures, sing familiar hymns, and pray.


2022 CUCC Advent Calendar

What to expect on the four Sunday’s leading up to Christmas along with church-wide events


Weeks of Advent

November 27
First Sunday of Advent – we light the candle of hope

Hope is a star that shines in the night, leading us on till the morning is bright.


December 4
Second Sunday of Advent (Communion) – we light the candle of peace

Peace is a ribbon that circles the earth, giving a promise of safety and worth.


December 11
Third Sunday of Advent – we light the candle of joy
Christmas Pageant with Mrs. Anne Bailey

Joy is a song that welcomes the dawn, telling the world that the Savior is born.


December 18
Fourth Sunday of Advent – we light the candle of love
Choir Christmas music offering

Love is a flame that burns in our heart. Jesus has come and will never depart.


December 24 worship at 5:00pm (online and in-person)
Christmas Eve – we light the Christ candle

On Christmas Eve we will celebrate the birth of our messiah, Jesus Christ, who came into the world as a vulnerable baby. Our Christmas Eve service will delight the child in each of us as we hear readings from Matthew’s Gospel, share beloved Christmas carols, listen in wonder to instrumentalists and vocalists, soak up a sermon from Pastor Lacey, and share in our treasured candle lighting tradition.