A long-time friend of mine occasionally forwards her pastor’s weekly letter to me when something he writes connects to a conversation we have had. She knows I am happily a member at CUCC, so this isn’t about growing the numbers at her church. Instead, it is about nurturing my faith. Her extension of the ministry of her church is not about numbers, but about love.

On Sunday, Pastor Lacey helped us celebrate the growing we have been doing at CUCC. Some of that is the welcoming of new members, but she also spoke of the nurturing kind of growth – the extension of God’s love through our hybrid worship and weekday gatherings. She invited us to share the recordings of our worship service with friends. Why? Because sometimes “growth” means nurturing the people we love.

So when you hear something in worship which reminds you of a friend, send a personal note and share the link to the recording.

Jane Smith, Communications Committee smithjeg@mindspring.com

PS Shout out to Kristen, Fr. Greg Jones and @holymichael2. Thanks for the nurturing!