Accessible to AllNews"Accessible to All" means Education Us All: Grab Bars

If you need grab bars for stability, chances are you notice every rest room which has them placed poorly or is missing them all together.

As part of our Accessible to All (A2A) work, CUCC’s Property Ministry recently installed grab bars behind the toilets in our Vaughan Fellowship Hall rest rooms.  We already had bars adjacent to the toilets, but none behind.

Thank you to David Ledbetter for finding free grab bars for us, and to Ken Jacobson for installing them.

Before and after photos of our bath rooms without, then with a grab bar behind the toilet



If you are interested in assisting Community United Church of Christ in becoming “Accessible to All” you may contribute in several ways:

  1. Give your time or talent to the A2A team.
    a) As a full team member to help assess the environment
    b) Help us become more aware of how we welcome ALL to our environment
    c) Become a project team member to assist with an area of specialty that we may need to make physical changes
  2. Contribute financially by labeling your gift “Accessible”. CUCC has an Accessibility Reserve Fund which is being used for accessibility improvements to our building.

Beth Allison-Moon is serving as the contact person for our A2A team.  You can reach her at

This post is part of an occasional educational series as we become accessible to all.  You can find all of the posts here, or look for articles featuring the Disability Pride flag.