NewsLog into your profile in Breeze. Meeting docs from Sunday are in "Minutes of past congregational meetings"

The documents we used during the November 12 congregational meeting are accessible through your Breeze profile.


  1. In Breeze, use the search box to look yourself up OR click on your photo on your Breeze main page (called the dashboard).
  2. Find the “Useful documents” section of your profile.
  3. Open the folder “Minutes of past congregational meetings.”
  4. In the 2023 folder you will find the documents for the November 12, 2023, meeting.

A draft of the congregational meeting minutes will appear there in the next couple of weeks.

If you cannot access Breeze, get help from our clerk at or from Jeff at

If you are a ministry or committee leader and need to access the live version of the Nominations Committee form so you can add the names for your group for 2024, contact