Newsman and woman collecting pine straw for path

Get some fresh air and exercise on Saturday, March 27 at the first CUCC work day of the year! We’ll work from a safe distance both outside and inside from 8am until noon. Drop by anytime that morning or arrange to take on a task before or after the 27th. A list of possible projects is below. For more information, please contact Merrilee Jacobson at 919-274-4539 or Thanks!

· Move Lenten roses to raised beds
· Mulch bushes on Dixie Trail bank and other plant areas
· Pick up limbs and pine cones
· Clean fascia above compost bin
· Install polymeric sand between the bricks outside narthex entrances
· Clean out drains in Dixie Trail parking lot (by grapevine), outside of HVAC room and next to the VFH “front door”
· Skim concrete patch at top of Wade Avenue steps
· Trim bushes throughout property
· Replace cracked flood tiles between hallway and Bradow/Hoffmann rooms
· Scrape and paint “bubbled” lower wall in project room
· Install new rubber cove molding in VFH restrooms (or glue old ones back in place)
· Remove screws, sand and paint VFH wall behind old phone line
· Touch up paint on ceiling of VFH along window wall (parking lot side)
· Fill gap at top of dishwasher (main kitchen)
· Remove old dishwasher in PH

Key:  VFH = Vaughan Fellowship Hall  PH = Pilgrim House