NewsMass Poor People’s and Low Wage Workers’ State House Assembly and Moral March on Raleigh and to the Polls

Naming matters.  The name reminds us of why we are gathering and tells our audience what unites us.  This is Jane’s interpretation.

Mass:  Think “mass choir” – a gathering of choirs of different styles and ages to make a joyful and rafter-shaking, transformative noise together.  We are coming together, each with our own justice passion, to support each other to create a North Carolina that is better for everyone.  [Also, a mass of people is big – and noticeable – and powerful.]

Poor People’s and Low Wage Workers:  We come because we or those we love are poor or low wage workers.  We come to listen to the wisdom gained from experience by those who often don’t get heard.  We come to stand with them.

State House Assembly / March on Raleigh:  This is a North Carolina action focused on elections of North Carolina’s political leaders.  [Actions like this are happening in 30 states that day, each focused on their state.]

Moral:  We are inspired by our moral commitments and we look at political decisions through moral lenses.

To the Polls:  This event kicks off 40 weeks of action to ensure that poor people and low wage workers in North Carolina are registered, have their valid photo IDs, and able to vote for their future as they see fit. [This is not a partisan event.]

Join us!

How to walk or sit with the CUCC group on March 2


Read more about the goals of the Assembly here.

If you have questions about CUCC’s plan, contact Jane Smith at before March 2 or call her on the day.