Our friend Eliseo Jimenez received permission from I.C.E. yesterday for his release from his deportation order!!!!! Yay!!!

He has been in Sanctuary at Umstead Park UCC for three and a half years now, and CUCC members have supported him in many ways since the beginning.

And now he’s free. He can leave the building. He can hug his wife and kids in the open, outside, anywhere. Wow!!! Praise God!!

What’s next? He needs to secure a work permit, his “ticket” to a driver’s license. The process of acquiring a work permit could take a few weeks, and he has decided to live at the church until he is issued the permit. Then, he’ll be able to begin piecing his life back together.

This agreement with ICE is very likely a direct result of the new administration in DC. So, write the White House and thank the President.

Many, many thanks for all your efforts to support Eliseo over the past three and a half years.

For Do Justice
Gary K Smith