NewsThe Three Mulch-keteers smile after spreading 1000 pounds of mulch

Get some fresh air and exercise on Saturday, June 19 at the quarterly CUCC work day! Due to the expected hot weather, we’ll try to wrap up around 11am to keep everyone comfortable. Ice water and light refreshments will be available to keep you powered.

Drop by anytime between 8-11am or select a task from the list below to tackle whenever it’s convenient.

To sign up for a project, or for more information, please contact Property Ministry Chairperson Merrilee Jacobson at 919-274-4539 or Thanks!

· Clean out exterior storm drains
· Pick up limbs and pine cones
· Pull Virginia creeper off of Wade Ave. azalea bushes
· Blow off main roof
· Prune bushes
· Weed, especially banks on Dixie Trail and Wade Ave.

· Wipe down outsides of VFH external doors
· Clean the outsides of both patio doors (aluminum gets mildewed)
· Clean retaining wall in front of sanctuary (mold on parts of it)
· Clean around all door handles with 409 to remove fingerprints and oil
· Clean fascia above compost bin (debris washes off of flat roof)
· Wash windows
· Dust blinds
· Clean toys on playground

· Stain flooring under old dishwasher along with base molding throughout PH kitchen
· Paint PH hallway and/or kitchen projects

– Paint wooden church sign by Dixie Trail back entrance to VFH
· Scrape and paint “bubbled” lower wall in project room
· Repair/repaint panel on peace pole (Jake)
· Paint new nursery rocking chair (Jake)
· Paint water damaged areas around Santi’s office window (parking lot side)
· Remove screws, sand and paint VFH wall behind old phone line
· Touch up paint on ceiling of VFH along window wall (parking lot side)

· Replace cracked flood tiles between hallway and Bradow/Hoffmann rooms
· Install polymeric sand between brick outside narthex entrances
· Install new rubber cove molding in VFH restrooms (or glue old ones back in place)
· Replace/repair spotlight by patio doors nearest compost bin (Tim J.)
· Adjust “sweeps” under all exterior doors (esp. narthex) to keep air out
· Replace batteries in all thermostats