NewsNEW: Welcoming Parking

The story from Pastor Lacey that inspired our new "welcoming parking lot." A visitor came to worship at CUCC and liked what she experienced, so she decided to return the next week with her children. Sunday morning arrived and she bundled her children into the car, putting CUCC into her GPS. When se arrived, she found that our Dixie Trail lot was full. She turned around and went home. We are grateful that she told Pastor Lacey.Have you noticed that CUCC’s attendance has been increasing, with visitors joining us most weeks? That is definitely something to celebrate, and it also means our parking situation is changing. With only 51 parking spots (5 accessible, 46 standard) and our on-campus attendance reaching 95 in the summer months, our parking lots are filling up.  Visitors program our address into their GPS which means our Dixie Trail parking lot is their destination.    The Dixie Trail lot is also the safest parking lot for those with mobility challenges and for families with young children.

Here is where you come in.

Let’s begin thinking of the Dixie Trail parking lot as our welcoming parking lot, “reserved” on Sundays for visitors, those with mobility challenges, and families with young children. We have lots of other parking available for people not in those groups: the Wade Avenue parking lot, along both sides of Dixie Trail, and around the corner on O’Berry Street. We checked with the City of Raleigh; “our” side of Dixie Trail may be used for parking on Sundays during worship. Those “no parking signs” don’t apply for parking “during church services on Sundays.” (Sec. 11-2172 of Raleigh Code of Ordinances)

Printable map of parking options here

If you park on Dixie Trail, we do suggest you don’t park near the intersection with parking lot entrances to Morningside or CUCC, giving exiting cars plenty of visibility. Avoid parking in the bike lanes. Be careful as you get out of your cars or cross the street.  If you park in the Wade Avenue lot, please turn right when you exit.

We thank the Council for helping us design CUCC’s welcoming parking lot plan.

If you have questions, talk with Merrilee Jacobson (Property Ministry), Pastor Lacey, or Jane Smith (Communications Committee).


This map describes parking options for attending worship with CUCC.