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On Sunday, July 21, join us for 10:30 worship and then the after-worship presentation as we honor the 2024 recipients of the Carolyn and Cy King Peace and Justice Award.  Worship and the award ceremony will be in the sanctuary and online hereThere will be no fellowship immediately after worship. A reception follows the award ceremony.

About the Carolyn and Cy King Peace and Justice Award

Community United Church of Christ in Raleigh, NC , a small leftward leaning institution of faith, came of age in the second half of the twentieth century. Its congregation had come through the extreme tests of the Great Depression and World War II and stood ready within their sense of Christian faith to make the world a better place politically, economically, socially, environmentally, and racially than it had been throughout its history. They also sought to make Raleigh and North Carolina a safer and better place for those who chose a gender different than what they had been born with. Renowned journalist Tom Brokaw with some justification called the broader population of Americans of that era the nation’s “Greatest Generation.” CUCC fell within Brokaw’s generalization. Its congregation led by several outstanding pastors analyzed conditions in their community, state, nation and world and set about to improve them in accordance with their spiritual values.

Carolyn and Cyrus King were among that group of young, idealistic but seasoned members of CUCC’s congregation. With other CUCC members they worked diligently to better their world over the course of the next half century. They recruited people with similar interests and values to join the many causes they championed. Those causes included campaigns for racial integration and justice, arresting gun violence, advancing democracy, establishing equal rights for women, and protecting the integrity of nature, and defending LGBTQ people. The Kings also put great energy into the causes of world peace and military disarmament. Between them Cy and Carolyn King knew most of the politicians, community and church leaders throughout Raleigh and nearby environs. They conducted their activities with grace, humility and a generosity that disarmed even their most bitter rivals some of whom later became personal friends with the Kings.

In recognition of the Kings’ social justice efforts, CUCC in 2012 commissioned the Carolyn and Cy King Peace and Justice Award to be issued annually to individuals who have significantly contributed to a more fair and just world.

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