News2023 Legislative Seminary wlll be May 16 from 10-2:30 at North Raleigh United Methodist Church

The Do Justice Ministry invites you to join them at the North Carolina Council of Church’s 2023 Legislative Seminar. So far we know that Pastor Lacey Brown, and Gary and Jane Smith will be attending and you are welcome to sit with them.

Register here

May 16, 10:00-2:30

$35 (includes lunch)

North Raleigh United Methodist Church, 8501 Honeycutt Road, Raleigh

Following worship you will attend your choice of two workshops with a focus on specific areas of legislation under consideration in this legislative season.

Workshop Session 1

Reproductive Justice
Overdose Response and The Good Samaritan Law
Tax and Budget
Gun Violence Prevention

Workshop Session 2

Reproductive Justice
LGBTQ+ Legislation
Workers’ Rights
Voting Rights
Environmental Justice

“The Legislative Seminar is designed to inform people in the Council’s network about crucial issues on the General Assembly’s agenda and, more broadly, about North Carolina’s significant public policy changes. Held biennially when the General Assembly holds its “long session,” the Seminar offers people of faith the factual tools they need to faithfully consider the policy matters that affect our lives and the lives of our neighbors.”

-submitted by Chris Heaney for Do Justice Ministry