NewsFamilies of all ages are walking in the Mass Poor People’s and Low Wage Workers’ State House Assembly and Moral March on Raleigh and to the Polls

Yes, oh definitely, yes!

Our children and youth hear so much bad news about the world and their future.  To be with their parents and grandparents, to walk with their church, to be in a great throng of people who are working every day to make a change – these are experiences that build hope, teach skills, and show them that they have power, too.

What to expect at the Mass Poor People’s and Low Wage Workers’ State House Assembly and Moral March on Raleigh and to the Polls

Past Poor People’s Campaigns have been full of color and music.  Some people wear costumes and others march with instruments.  Families decorate wagons for pulling young ones and have fun making signs together (see the article on making a sign at CUCC on February 25 after worship).  Join in the simple call-and-response chants “Forward together!  Not one step back!” and sing along with movement songs old and new (“Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me around.”)  Some of the speakers are young people already hard at work making a difference.

We will be walking from the south side of the NC Capitol to the south side of the NC General Assembly – a journey of a couple of blocks that is mostly on the sidewalk except for crossing streets.

While no two gatherings are the same, the Poor People’s Campaign is experienced in creating respectful and safe-as-possible events.  They work with police in planning, they train their own peacekeepers, they ask everyone to commit to a Covenant of Nonviolence.  They model working together while not agreeing on every detail, listening respectfully to those directly impacted, and creating a network that is stronger together.

We know that 9 to 1 is a looonnngggg day for anyone.  Come for as long as you can (especially the 11 to noon march where you can be in motion); leave when you need to.  Call Jane to find the CUCC group or look for our banner.

Calling all people who believe in and demand: living wages healthcare voting rights & stopping voter suppression equal rights for all worker/labor rights environmental justice access to housing fully-funded public education abolishing poverty AND THE UNITY OF LOVE, NOT THE DIVISION OF HATEIf your child or teen ever worries about any of these injustices, show them one way they can be part of the solution.

Join us!

How to walk or sit with the CUCC group on March 2

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Read more about the goals of the Assembly and Moral March here.

If you have questions about CUCC’s plan, contact Jane Smith at before March 2 or call her on the day.