NewsJCC January Survey

On January 7 and 14 during fellowship, CUCCers are being invited to express their interest in a selection of potential Justice in a Changing Climate events for 2024.  Which events would you find helpful, informative and encouraging?

Tell us which events you would be likely to attend.  Complete this survey before January 28.

What else is happening during JCC January?

  • What goes where?  Compost Hosts are sitting beside our compost, recycling and landfill bins answering questions from CUCCers about what goes in each bin.  If you have questions about what to compost and recycle in Raleigh, stop by and talk with a Compost Host any Sunday in January..
  • Overflowing compost rolling bin?  You are invited to “tell Gary” if you notice that our compost rolling bin in the courtyard is full when you arrive to drop off your food scraps.  Email Gary Smith at  The JCC will use this information to decide if CUCC might need additional pick ups some weeks or even adding a second rolling bin.
  • Celebrating Signs of Hope  On the fellowship hall monitor we’re running a video featuring the impact of some of CUCC’s past climate crisis actions.  Watch the video here.


If you would like to be part of planning any of the events or be part of the JCC’s ongoing work, contact Gary at