NewsYouth, masked and distanced, about to walk to the coffee shop

Youth Sunday School meets three Sundays a month on Zoom:

2nd Sundays at 2PM we’ll share fellowship with Umstead Park UCC.

3rd Sundays at 2PM is for our own group to connect and check-in.

Last Sundays at 5PM we join United Church of Chapel Hill at The Hub (on Zoom) – an opportunity for youth to connect with local civic leaders on issues that matter to them.

1st Sundays we take off as a way of practicing sabbath.


Youth-led Worship will be on March 21, 10:30AM, Zoom

Follow Jesus to the Garden of Gethsemane and delight in God’s Creation.

For more information about youth at Community UCC, contact Śānti  Matthews, Youth and Adult Education Coordinator, at