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When was the last time you did something that you’d never done before? Or something that was both a little scary and a lot of fun? When was the last time you got to encounter an animal larger than you, and got to hang out together for a good hour? Well, this past Sunday, CUCC Youth did all those things. We went horseback riding on trails at a farm north of Raleigh. Nine youth and two adults spent the afternoon riding horses on lovely wooded trails.

It was a long wait before we could saddle up but that gave us time to either get nervous about riding or get used to the idea. It also gave us time to wonder which horse we would be paired with. Just like us, each had a different personality and their own mood that day. They were also, like us, varied in size and color and shape. And just like us, they were each marvelous creations of the Divine!

Finally, one by one, each was assigned a horse (or each horse was assigned a human) and we started the process of getting acquainted with one another. It’s not nothing to meet a horse – to trust your horse to carry you safely – to be grateful for the ride they provide. Think about the miracle that any horse ever let a human ride them and that the fit is so right – it’s mind boggling and maybe one of those impossible things before breakfast that Pastor Lacey preached about on Easter Sunday! It was a lovely ride and more importantly, connections were made – with Creator God, with nature, with the horses, and with each other. May those connections and the experience of riding leave us marveling for some time!
Now, what impossible thing are you going to do today?

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