NewsCUCC's BYC campers pose beneath a gathering tree

Are you curious about youth camp and what we learned? Then please come to Youth-Led worship on August 21 at 10:30AM where we will share our BYC (Beloved Youth Camp) experiences and lift them up to God in gratitude.

Listen to the words and wisdom of our youth!
Hear youth voices lifted in song!
Appreciate youth musical talents and gifts of poetry and art!
Get a sense of the open and hopeful hearts of our CUCC Youth!

See below for more information and a glimpse of what we worked to understand throughout our week at camp.  For more information about BYC, contact Pastor Śānti Matthews

REJOICE! This year, BYC was especially special, we had been away for three years and needed to return, to reunite, and to rejoice that God is, that we are, and that the mountain top is still there and always will be there for us.

REMEMBER! While at camp, we deepened our understanding of God by working to celebrate that we are loved by God always, and that we don’t need to do anything, or believe anything, or prove anything for that to be true. We acknowledged that this truth is not encouraged by society and is easily forgotten.

RECONNECT! All are welcome at BYC, all are invited into a community of hospitality and hope where each person is encouraged to grow in their identity as God’s beloved child. Everyone is given opportunities to open themselves to God’s love. Everyone is inspired to practice honoring and caring for one another. These experiences are transformative and we have returned from camp changed by them. We hope that our shifts in perspective will help our church to know God more fully, to celebrate our connections with one another more fully, and to share God’s inclusive love with the world.

REJUVENATE! At BYC this summer, we celebrated that we are blessed by our gifts and by the gifts of others. And when we show up for one another, we make a more beautiful and loving world and a community that more fully represents the Divine.

REIMAGINE! With the joy of reunion, the knowledge that we are loved, the reassurance that we belong, and the celebration that we are gifts to one another, we are ready to dream our world. We dream because nothing is possible without our dreams. Imagining change, growth, beauty, or love, puts the intention out there and sets the process in motion. God is always waiting for our dreams to be clarified and for our yearnings to be named. It is then that God can provide them. So dream and remember to dream big!