NewsGathering around a table for a meal is good for body and spirit.

“It was a pure honor and a delight to deliver such a carload full of great smelling homey deliciousness to the women at the Wright Center. So much love was delivered tonight. Together the youth from 8 families prepared roast pork, mac-n-cheese, green beans, salad, 2 homemade sheet cakes, gluten-free brownies, and iced tea.

Several youth mentioned how much they look forward to the day when we can go into the center and serve the women again and hang out together.

Thank you all for your gifts of time and energy for 30 women who needed a little Christmas and found some tonight.”

Submitted by Śānti  Matthews

If you would like to be part of a team preparing a hot meal for the women at the Helen Wright Center, contact Charles Coble or Dawn Koonce of our Community Outreach ministry.