NewsGardening youth with the gardener in her yard

During this Earth Day week, the CUCC Youth Group was grateful to have the opportunity to do some service work in the glorious “secret garden” of Anne Pope. Our youth worked hard and witnessed beautiful, meaningful, and metaphorical moments of new growth and resurrection in Anne’s beautiful garden. Anne was a gracious host and made delicious homemade lemonade for us from scratch to quench our thirst.

Thank yous

Thank you to Susan Hasbrouck for being our master gardener.

Thank you to Gabby for baking Anne a homemade strawberry pie.

Thank you to Anne for the many pots, a grill, and grill accessories that she donated to the church.

For information about future youth service projects, contact Śānti Matthews, Youth and Adult Education Coordinator,

The path through Anne's secret garden with a blooming red azalea